High Sundry Tracking, Editing and Mixing Rates

Studio Rates

For smaller projects:

$30 hr

For larger projects I will usually work out a flat rate.

For tracking: Rates will include the studio rate as well as my rate. I have a good relationship with most studios in the area so their rates for our project are reasonable. Most of my tracking is done at Forge Recording Studio.

I have found that spending a few minutes talking about your projects is the fairest and most accurate way to give a rate/cost. Please contact me to discuss your project.


A Few Helpful Guidlines


Preparing to Go Into the Studio

The more of these you pay attention to, the better your end product will be.

  -Use new drum heads. Please don't show up
     with heads that have been gigged/practiced on for 3 months.
  -Get your guitar's intonation checked and bring new strings.
  -Practice to a click track.
  -Rehearse your songs.
  -Have all your songs written.
  -Leave your signifcant other/groupies at home.



I usually expect an amount of money at the start of the project. This figure is negotiated but is usually half of the estimate. The balance is then required at project completion.


Billable Time

The clock begins when the engineer starts working. Working includes: setting up equipment and microphones, getting levels, session setup and instrument prep, if necessary (drum tuning, guitar setup, etc.). If during long sessions you wish to take a meal break, you may do so off the clock. The engineer may choose to eat and work at the same time.


Starting Time

It is essential that you arrive at the time of your scheduled session start, or better yet, early. Barring any extreme situations, you will be billed from the scheduled session start time, whether you are there or not.


Photo Policy

If you want to share a picture I took, please, just ask. If I find one of our pictures on your website without my permission, I will hunt you down and squash you with the Hammer of the Gods. I will send Spartan 117 after you! Joking. Please just ask; I have reasonable ways for you to share my images.



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